Survivors need to know that other people are going public with their abuse, to help the public know about the child sexual abusers who are still free to abuse children. Survivors Speak Now working in conjuction with Restore Our Humanity, has taken the initiative to begin the means of support and of justice for those in our communities who have been the targets of sexual predators and abusers. The truth must be told, and the organizations that have sheltered the abusers must be held accountable. If you or your child has been a victim of sexual abuse by a person acting in the capacity of a trusted individual on behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, we would like to talk to you.

Survivor's Videos

These are actual videos of some of the incredibly brave people who have come forward to tell their stories of abuse. We are honored to help our friends and give them a platform to tell their stories, to talk about the healing and to bear witness to the incredible strength that these individuals have. Some of these are graphic and may not be appropriate for younger people.

We do not accept comments or engage in public discussion regarding statements made in these videos.

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