We work to provide the survivors with a voice to be heard in a safe environment and to tell their stories. Safety is our primary objective. We are committed to those who have desire to come forward and share their stories. Survivors must be heard and the truth must be told. Not silenced. Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe space for healing and work with other survivors to create solutions and if they choose, make their stories available to the world. As we have recently seen with the rise of the #metoo movement many organizations that exist in a patriarchical structures such as religions, are rampant with histories of sexual abuse.

Our work is with those who have endured abuse within the confines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church). We know that the spectrum of sexual abuse in the Mormon Church extends to all possible junctures within the culture and the practices of the Church.

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Email :Restore Our Humanity

Message Phone : 801-215-9748

Location :Salt Lake City, UT

About the initiative

Survivors Speak Now is an initiative by Restore Our Humanity

We invite anyone who has been subjected to sexual abuse or RSA childhood sexual abuse within scope of the Mormon Church to come forward in a safe and protected environment, to be heard, believed and understood. We have found many survivors who wish to participate in our video project, who want to tell their stories in front of a camera can reach new levels of acceptance and healing by being in a positive and unified environment.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse and you want to come forward, but you may be apprehensive or feeling anxious about it, we can help you. We can provide you with an environment to feel safe and believed. We have resources and help available to you.